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Distribution alignment tool - Rocker shaft 1.4

Distribution alignment tool - Rocker shaft 1.4

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Reference : SP-82380

Distribution alignment tool - Rocker shaft 1.4
You are not unaware that the geometry of the distribution is a crucial point for the longevity and reliability of your engine. Often neglected because often misunderstood, the geometry of rockers is a real headache.

Between the length of the rods to be determined, the height of the ramps, the position of the adjusting screw on the valve stem there is a way to get lost.

But a bad geometry has adverse consequences on your engine, increased wear of the guides and valves and loss of power because of friction.

Adjusting the geometry consists of getting the rocker arm fully inclined over the entire range of valve lift.

Ideally, the angle of the rocker arm should be the same at rest, mid-lift and full opening.

Until now to control the geometry of the distribution this operation is carried out
The disadvantage is that this method remains empirical, tedious and may vary depending on where one places his eye.

Concerned about the reliability of the engines, Classic Store has just selected a high quality tool that will make your life easier.

Directed by Dany Concept this kit allows to measure the angles that take the rockers throughout the tilting (for rocker 1/1 or 1/25 original style).

With this tool it is very easy to realize if these angles are correct or not.

This kit comes with a simple and detailed explanatory note and if you follow the photos and captions you will now have no difficulty to adjust your geometry.

For information: this tool was the subject of a complete article in the magazine Vw Tech number 78.

If you would like to read the article and view the photos, the magazine is available on our reference SP-96738.

For engine type 1 only.

Top quality product.
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